House Raising Services in Greater Sudbury

At Paramount Construction, we offer a wide range of services to residential and commercial customers in Sudbury and Northeastern Ontario, including:

Pouring foundations Foundation repair Waterproofing Weeping tiles House raising House moving

Pouring Foundations

Poured concrete walls provides a solid, stronger, drier foundation that block walls cannot compare to. Poured walls provide more strength and stability then that of block. The increased strength, density, and joint-free construction of poured walls dramatically reduces basement water problems.

Solid wall construction also offers at least twice as much protection against fire compared to hollow core concrete blocks and is adaptable to all structural designs.

Foundation Repair

Cracked, uneven foundations can lead to more complicated problems if left untreated. Water can leak into even the smallest of fractures in the walls causing dampness and mold. More cosmetic problems can occur, such as cracked walls and tiles. In severe cases door and window jamming can occur creating costly, time consuming repairs. This problem is very common with cinder block foundations. Raising the house, demolishing the old cinder block foundation, and pouring a cement foundation is an excellent solution to this problem.


Left unprotected, your home and foundation can be severely damaged by water. Whether it’s due to ice cracking the foundation or water leaking into your basement, taking preventative measures is an easy way to prevent expensive bills in the future. Our team offers comprehensive waterproofing services to help keep your home and foundation safe from water.

Weeping Tiles

Weeping tiles are used as part of basement waterproofing. Weeping tiles are not actually tiles at all—they are pipes with small holes in them, buried underground around the basement foundation. When it rains, these pipes collect the water that filters through the ground and take it away from your home to prevent groundwater from entering the basement.

House Raising

Becoming more popular in demand,house raising in Greater Sudburyis the most convenient alternative to purchasing a new home in these common situations:

Your house has no foundation

If your house is built on a slab in an area where a foundation can be poured, then raising the house and pouring a foundation is an option that the homeowner has today and will drastically decrease the risk of property damage due to natural flooding.

Your house only has a crawl space under the house

Some homes are built with only a crawl space for a foundation. This is very common with older homes and being able to add a full size poured basement is certainly a welcoming addition to any house. The added benefits to the homeowner are extra space and increased value in property.

You want more space but don't want to move

Some homeowners simply love everything about their house. They like the neighbourhood, the location, and they have a lot of friends in the area, however, they want a full-size basement for their children to play in, or to add an extra room or even a private home office. Raising the house and pouring a foundation to give the basement an 8’-9' ceiling height drastically enhances the living space, which is often a more affordable and convenient alternative to packing up and moving into a new home.

House raising is also an excellent way to add more space to a second home or cottage and increase the value of your investment! Call Paramount Construction today to learn more about ourGreater Sudbury house raisingservices.

Looking forhouse raising on Manitoulin Island? We also serve clients in that community! Whether you’re adding a basement to your home or you’re replacing a slab foundation with poured concrete, ourManitoulin Island house raisingservices are convenient alternatives to purchasing a new home and going through the stress of a move.

House Moving

Planning to keep your home and relocate it to another area on your property or to the other end of town? Paramount Construction has the experience to make that move for you.


Installing a window well is an easy way to add natural light and unique design options to your basement.

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